Gain a whole new understanding of your business and your customers – for any of your business locations:

  • How am I performing against my competitive set?
  • What are the best opportunities for expanding my customer base?
  • Where can I gain an advantage?

You know a lot about how your customers shop with you – but do you know how they shop with your competition and how you stack up? With the Market Vision Report from MasterCard Advisors, now you can find out.

A Market Vision Report from MasterCard Advisors taps our rich purchase information to show your strengths and weaknesses relative to a set of other businesses that you choose. You can see the performance of your business, and the aggregate performance of your competitors to understand:

Customer Intelligence and Insight

  • How do your customer segments spend with you vs your competitive group?
  • Find key Zip codes that drive your business and those that your aggregated competitors draw most heavily from
  • Leverage demographic data for smarter marketing



Local Market Trends

  • How is your local market performing today and over time?
  • How does your market share stack up year-over-year?

Market Size


Your Competitive Performance

  • See changes month by month in the number of customers spending, their average purchase size or purchase frequency for you and your competitive set.
  • See the impact of your offering and services, and your marketing and promotional efforts on your competitive position.

Average Purchase Frequency and
Year-Over-Year Trend


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  • Create a custom competitive set from your local business community
  • Access your monthly report online using a secure PIN

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I qualify?
  • To qualify, you must have annual location sales of <$50 Million and accept MasterCard cards. Otherwise contact us for more information.

  • How much does it cost?
  • To get you started, we are introducing Market Vision Report at $500 for a 12 month subscription per single business location.

  • Is this just MasterCard Data? How can you get this level of detail?
  • Through our experience helping merchants benchmark their performance across a variety of sectors, we have developed sophisticated models that enable us to scale MasterCard transaction data to accurately reflect all brands of consumer credit activity, and signature debit as well.

  • Is it relevant to my unique business? Can I define my competition?
  • We enable you to compare your location-level performance to a combined group of competitive locations that you select as your benchmark. You might be a consignment shop, an authentic ethnic restaurant, a specialty retailer, a high end salon: You can tailor your comparison group to be relevant to you. (We use benchmarking standards that combine locations so that the individual performance of a peer or competitor is NOT disclosed to you.)

  • How is this different than the information I get from other sources?
  • Your own sales data only tells part of the story. Industry sources are typically high level and not specific to your particular geography or peer group. Surveys are based on small samplings of subjective feedback. Market Vision Reports is based on actual aggregated payment data, providing measures such as Average Purchase or Ticket Size, Frequency and Number of Customers that help you identify and monitor the sales drivers you can improve. We provide the snapshot you need of precisely modeled customer feeder Zip Codes and customer segment demographics for you and your competitive set.

  • How is my data protected? How are you protecting other merchant's data?
  • MasterCard is committed to protecting the security, confidentiality, and integrity of the confidential data in its possession. MasterCard endeavors to protect such data and has designed an information security program to do so. For example, we establish a merchant’s right to see its own performance data by ensuring we contact the merchant at its official address by mail, or by other means to authenticate such merchants, and we provide a secure PIN code to enable access to the first report for each business location. Moreover, all information we provide in the Market Vision Report is aggregated to avoid disclosing any information about any other individual merchant or about any consumer.

  • When is the report available, and how is it delivered?
  • We are offering a monthly report reflecting the prior 3 months of data. We also provide information on trends versus the prior year. New reports will typically be released on or around the 15th of the month. You will access your report online as a downloadable PDF.
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Customer Intelligence and Insight

Understand clear gaps in the market that you are reaching relative to your competitive set. From what ZIP Codes are you drawing your customers? How do your most important ZIP Codes differ from the key ZIP Codes penetrated by your competitive group.

Customer Accounts % and Education Levels

See clear comparisons of aggregate customer demographics to help you sharpen your marketing efforts to reach or expand your base. And track your progress month after month.

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Market Trends

Define the competitive field that you would measure yourself against and then monitor it over time.

  • What are the overall growth trends?
  • Are you lagging or outpacing the market?
  • What is your share and are your efforts to improve business working?
Market Size % Change per Month

Evaluate trends from month to month and also allow for seasonality by comparing the same month last year.

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Competitive Performance

Evaluate your performance and track customer engagement based on:

  • Changes in the number of customers spending at your location.
  • Changes in the average purchase amount.
  • Changes in the average frequency that customers spend with you.
Purchase Frequency and % Change (Year over Year)

How do these elements of your performance compare to your competitive group?