Are you getting all the information you need to fully manage and maximize portfolio value?

Extremely sophisticated information about portfolio makeup and performance is just a click or two away with Mastercard PortfolioAnalytics. This web-based tool delivers easy-to-understand insights tailored for issuers, acquiring banks, processors and co-branders, extracted from Mastercard transaction data. Filtering capabilities allow you to sift, segment, and massage the data as needed, so you can isolate key drivers and understand performance.

There are more than 200 reports in all that span every aspect of marketing and operations, bundled in report packages each suited to an area of management responsibility.


  • Benchmark against your aggregated peers to identify performance shortfalls
  • Identify “normal” cross-border use to set velocity check parameters for fraud
  • Understand causes of declines and modify rules to minimize them


  • Improve the value proposition of co-branded cards
  • Pursue the most-profitable merchant partners


  • Tailor campaigns and product offerings to increase spend and measure results to boost marketing return-on-investment
  • Identify cardholders with recurring-payments potential
  • Improve effective interchange rate through promotions

Advanced Tools

  • Portfolio Manager allows the creation of cardholder subsets for tracking and monitoring
  • Campaign Management automates the cardholder selection and segmentation process, and monitors behavior before, during and after promotions to measure effectiveness
  • Mastercard Total Portfolio View™ incorporates data from non-Mastercard and multiple PIN networks, allowing issuers and processors to report on the complete portfolio
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Portfolio Analytics


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