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Driving business advantage through insight, foresight and engagement

Insights for Financial Institutions

For financial institutions of every size, we provide right-sized solutions and supporting partnering relationships that transform into business value. Insights derived from spend data unlock new intelligence about financial consumers that inform marketing and operational decisions, whether to serve new customers or deepen existing relationships.

Insight For Local Banks & Credit Unions

By combining transaction data and proprietary analytics with our expertise and industry best practices, Mastercard delivers valuable insights of what motivates consumer behavior. We then apply this insight to solutions that are market-proven, ready to implement and priced to fit all budgets, allowing smaller institutions to grow their business and compete effectively.

Insight For Merchants

Knowledge of aggregated consumer segment spend both inside and outside of your locations delivers valuable insight for acquisition, loyalty and retention. We deliver this unprecedented 360-degree view, spanning the full range of industries including retail, restaurants, travel, transportation, gasoline and manufacturing.

Insight For Advertisers

Putting more accurate data insights in the hands of media professionals is the key to serving advertisers and consumers more effectively. It results in the most cost-efficient media buys, more-relevant messages and richest returns. We deliver these insights derived from one of the most objective sources – actual consumer spend.

Insight for Governments

Knowledge of aggregated consumer segment spend both within and outside your geographic area delivers valuable insight for economic development, attracting and retaining travelers and driving growth. We deliver this unprecedented 360-degree view, spanning industries and time horizons.

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