Lynn Feinson

Group Executive, Strategy & Operations
Telephone: 914-249-6386

Since joining Mastercard Advisors in 2002, Lynn Feinson has been responsible for bringing Mastercard Advisors' solutions to leading global and regional issuers. Lynn most recently moved into a new role heading up Operations & Strategy. She previously was group executive, global head of Implementation Services. In this role, she lead the global business unit charged with providing superior executional services and turn-key solutions to clients from large to small.

Lynn brings 25 years of financial services experience across a broad spectrum of products, segments and geographies. Prior to joining Mastercard, she managed Wealth Management Marketing at UBS' Private Client Group, where she also launched Client Segment Marketing and led Advertising and Brand Development.

Most of Lynn's career was spent at Citigroup, with 17 years of credit card management roles at North America and Europe CitiCards. In addition to positions in credit cycle consulting and collections strategy, she held a variety of positions in Citi's U.S. Card Marketing group, including youth segment marketing director, acquisitions manager, best customer portfolio manager and cards advertising and public relations director. Outside the U.S., she worked as marketing director for Credit Cards in Greece, where she grew accounts by 20% in two years. By launching the MasterCard portfolio for Citi, Lynn brought brand duality to the Greek market. She also held a senior marketing position at the Citibank Private Bank, where she managed global branding and advertising.

In 2006, Lynn was recognized as a Mastercard Worldwide Sales Champion. She holds an MBA from Stern Business School, New York University, in Marketing and International Business, an MA from Columbia University Teachers College, and a BA, Fordham University,