Having an accurate picture of how a specific retail sector is performing, week-over-week, allows for better-informed decisions about sector growth and sales traffic as well as the promotional environment. Knowing how sales are trending short-term allows you to take action while those trends are still playing out. Up until now, that kind of information has been unavailable. Sector Insights Reports from Mastercard are the solution.

Sector Insights reports are:

Timely. Reports available within days of consumers purchases

Accurate. Highly correlated to reported sector sales trends

Frequent. Weekly reports

Actionable. Insights on a micro-sector basis that help the users to improve their return on investment

Sector Insights Subscriptions include the following metrics:

  • Year-over-year percent change for sales index, transactions index and average ticket index
  • Cumulative monthly and quarterly trends
  • Minimum three-year history for all of the metrics reported


  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Fast Casual Restaurants
  • Casual Dining Restaurants
  • High End Department Stores
  • Jewelry
  • Luxury Accessories and Apparel
  • Moderate Department Stores
  • Traditional Grocery Stores (x-gas)
  • Women's Apparel Ages 18-35
  • Women’s Apparel Ages 30-45
  • Women’s Apparel Ages 45+
  • Teen Apparel
  • Home Furniture and Furnishings
  • Sporting Goods
  • Auto Parts
  • Natural & Organic Grocery Stores


  • Clothing Stores

International Reports

  • Online Travel Agencies

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