Loyalty Solutions & Marketing Campaigns

Plug into an array of platforms and services that provide a comprehensive solution to acquire and manage cardholders with greater profitability. Our Payments-specific expertise is supported by proprietary data, modeling and analytics capabilities and a unique partnership approach. We are an extension of your team or your network - we listen, consult and partner with you to design and manage solutions that deliver value based on your customers' needs.

At Mastercard, we think beyond rewards, offers and benefits. We build solutions with your customers in mind – right-sized solutions that make it easy for your customer to use, anywhere in the world and on any device while remaining economically viable for you.

What We Offer

  • Value-add benefits: Leverage our economies of scale to differentiate your services.
  • Reward solutions: Let us design and manage your reward solutions.
  • Pay with Rewards: Give your customers choice and flexibility with our Pay with Rewards program.
  • Personalized offers: Reduce costs with merchant-funded offers that are targeted and linked to your cards.
  • Loyalty promotions: Run spend and get usage promotions that drive more profitable card behaviors.
  • Card-linked services: Identify and engage cardholders in real-time to increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • High value acquisition and customer management services driven by behavioral insight and global best practices