Turnkey Managed Services

Drive Portfolio Growth with Quick,
Easy-To-Implement Programs

Turnkey Managed Services

Conduct business as usual marketing across the entire cardholder lifecycle with effective, ready-to-go, end-to-end programs from MasterCard Advisors’ Turnkey Managed Services.

You can quickly, easily and affordably implement standardized programs that will:

  • Help you identify campaign strategy
  • Leverage data analytics to help you precisely segment and target your offers
  • Provide creative templates
  • Fulfill offers
  • Measure and report on results

You’ll benefit by:

  • Saving time with a standardized process utilizing proven best practices
  • Maximizing ROI with behavioral targeting
  • Focusing on your business while MasterCard staff handle campaign planning, management and execution
  • Saving money by leveraging template creative, production economies of scale and statement credits for offer fulfillment

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Our Turnkey Segmentation Approach

Step One

Card Usage Segmentation

Behaviorally based segmentation that helps identify usage opportunities (based on data available in MasterCard Data Warehouse)

Step Two

Turnkey Targeted Programs

Turnkey programs designed to drive incremental portfolio profitability across cardholder lifecycle, including:

  • Offers - selected to motivate the desired behavior among the targeted segment
  • Targeting - behaviorally based targeting criteria and propensity modeling
  • Creative - template creative designed to drive response and typically tested in market
Step Three

Turnkey Execution Capabilities

  • Standardized process
  • Benefit from best practices
  • Maximize ROI with behavioral targeting
  • Save time by leveraging MasterCard staffing for campaign planning, management and execution
  • Save money by leveraging template creative, production economies of scale and statement credits for offer fulfillment

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