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The New Reality of the European Union's IFR
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Travel Loyalty: New Program and Consumer Dynamics

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes: Merchants Confront EMV Reality

The concept of EMV credit cards and their accompanying technology changes are now a reality. At stake: fraud protection, liability for fraud and a positive customer experience.

By Guy Berg and Jeff Stroud


Retail Co-Brand Credit Cards Drive Loyalty

As a consumer, how many times have you heard the following statement when you are at the register to checkout: "Would you like to save 10 percent off your purchase today?"

By Arik Vortman, Susan Connors, and Marcia Ferreira


The Female Factor: Making The Case For Women's Financial Inclusion

Fourty-seven percent of women are banked compared to 55 percent of men and in some regions penetration of financial products amongst women is close to 50 percent of men.

By Amit Jain


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