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Davos Spotlight on Financial Inclusion

What's New - The Cashless Journey

Expanding Card Acceptance to Small Merchants Globally Through Mobile Points of Sale (MPOS)

Characteristic of merchant acquirers is their constant search for opportunities to drive incremental payments volume.

By Phillip M. Miller and Daniel G. Salazar


Debit and the Retail Banking Gain Front-And-Center Status

The debit marketplace has undergone more dramatic changes during the past few years than it has during any other time since the launch of the product in the late 1980s and its mainstream adoption in the 1990s.

By Michael Souza and Teik Tung


Managing European Consumer Payments Businesses Through the Euro Crisis

From Australia to Zimbabwe, financial institutions the world over have long sought to achieve enhanced profitability by getting their customers to increase their debit card usage for point-of-sale (POS) transactions.

By Fernando Betancor, Luca Dondi, Martin Schmidt, and Mike Smith


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