Get the real story behind the rent.
And the real story is about data.

Our suite of products provides reliable new insights into the sales-based performance of retail locations in the United States, Canada, U.K. and Australia. Powered by Mastercard Retail Location Scores, we use a fact-based approach unique to the industry, leveraging anonymous and aggregated transaction data from more than two billion cards.

Evaluate real estate locations with transaction-based scoring and analytics

Mastercard Retail Location Scores include five component scores, which provide insights into a range of revenue performance characteristics. The component scores are then blended to create one Composite UpFront Score, which enables retail property location comparisons:

Get Your Free Introductory Mastercard Retail Location Insights Portal Access and Reports

Your Free Access to the Mastercard Retail Location Insights Portal for 14 days includes full interactive mapping capabilities to commercial retail locations in the United States and 5 Free Reports.

  • Get dynamic, near real-time answers about retail locations using our interactive mapping tool

  • Analyze retail locations with the full context of your commercial neighbors. View sales-based performance history, scores on Sales, Transactions, Average Ticket Price, Growth, and Stability as well as merchant count and mix

  • Download or print 5 Free Census Block Reports — this includes the retail sales performance metrics of the location you have selected and the top zip codes for customers who shop there

Mastercard at the Forefront

As a world leader in providing real-time transaction data analysis, Mastercard now brings its insights and expertise to the retail commercial real estate industry with the first suite of products and services designed to measure the sales-based performance of retail locations. This new data-based tool injects transparency and accuracy into the CRE industry, and provides real estate professionals with improved sources of market data. It enables brokers, investors, property managers, and merchants to make critical decisions on site selection, revenue optimization, and growth opportunities that will help them optimize, streamline, and grow their business.

Get the real story behind the rent.


Unique and Timely.

Mastercard Retail Location Insights allows a CRE professional to evaluate the sales-based performance of retail locations using Mastercard transaction-based scoring data and analytics. Key benefits include:


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