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Reports deliver authoritative
industry sales data far earlier
than government or industry sources.

Accurate and Timely Total Retail Sales Data Analyzed for Immediate Action and Informed Decision-Making

SpendingPulse™ product suite provides executive level information and analysis of consumer trends as well as forecasts of expected market conditions. Expert macro-economic analysis powered with world class information assets drive insights that enable fact based decision making on promotions, pricing, and marketing campaigns.

SpendingPulse reports are available on a subscription basis. Reports are distributed on an annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. Each typically tracks month-over-month changes, year-over-year changes, regional breakouts, other industry-relevant breakouts, three-year history, and expert analysis of current trends and underlying factors.

SpendingPulse™ Reports on Recent trends... reporting on what happened


SpendingPulse™ Reports on upcoming trends... reporting on what we expect to happen



SpendingPulse figures correlate highly with final government figures as well as individual industry sources.

Disclaimer: SpendingPulse reports and content, including estimated forecasts of spending trends do not in any way contain, reflect or relate to actual MasterCard operational or financial performance, or specific payment-card-issuer data. SpendingPulse reports and content are intended solely as a research tool for informational purposes and not as investment advice or recommendations for any particular action or investment.

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Brazil SpendingPulse™

Indicadores que analisam o desempenho de vendas do varejo, muito antes dos órgãos governamentais.

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