Insights for Financial Institutions

Applying transaction data to drive critical business decisions

For financial institutions of every size, MasterCard provides right-sized solutions and supporting partnering relationships that transform into business value. Insights derived from spend data unlock new intelligence about financial consumers that inform marketing and operational decisions, whether to serve new customers or deepen existing relationships.

Insight for Issuers       Insight for Local Banks and Credit Unions

Select your type of financial institution and business need.

Understanding Your Market Place

Knowledge of macroeconomic trends, spend patterns and attitudes

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Benchmarking Your Performance

Understanding performance relative to the marketplace

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Growing Your Portfolio

Stratification of customer segments by behavior for more profitable treatment decisions

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Meeting Customer Demands

Information customers want and expect, delivered with greater efficiency

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Optimizing Your Operations

Insight to drive out unnecessary expense and effect improvements

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Designing and Implementing Marketing Campaigns

Increase profitability of new and existing accounts through card acquisition, lifecycle and conversion marketing programs

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Analyzing Portfolio Strategies

Benchmark performance across acquisition, portfolio management and retention, applying best practice insight

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Improving Operational Processes and Program Management

Reduce fraud expenses and decrease credit losses using benchmark performance insights to improve systems or processes

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Developing Segmentation Strategies

Enhance portfolio management through deeper understanding of consumers and focused marketing efforts

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Implementing EMV Strategies

Harness MasterCard's Support and Expertise to Optimize your EMV Migration

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