Propensity Models

Ready, Aim, Market—Reach the Right Consumers
With Targeted Communications

Propensity Models

When it comes to effective, targeted marketing, identifying the right cardholders is a top priority.  And it’s only by understanding and developing segmentation strategies based on cardholder behavior that you can determine who those “right”
cardholders are.

MasterCard Advisors’ Propensity Models can help. Through extensive analysis of cardholder behavior across more than 4,000 variables, we can find common consumer propensities. From these patterns, we have developed models that identify specific card usage and spending behaviors.

Propensity Models can be used both as a marketing tool to build lists for outreach and as a diagnostic tool to help you create campaigns or offers that are best received by your customers. They can also help you identify opportunities and diagnose issues at any point in the customer lifecycle.

You choose the Propensity Model(s), identify the MasterCard portfolio to be assessed, and we'll provide scores for the selected behavior, descriptions of the models used, and guidance on score interpretation.

Choose the Models for Your Business Needs

  • Spend Attrition
  • Category and Merchant Spending
  • Category Expansion
  • Early Months on Book
  • Small Business
  • Luxury Spend
  • Overall Card Usage
  • PayPass™
  • Reactivation
  • Recurring Payments/Bill Pay
  • Custom Models can also be built to meet your unique requirements

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