Portfolio Diagnostic Engine

Track and Correct Performance
Quickly Across 100 Metrics

Portfolio Diagnostic Engine

Now you can quickly scan your entire portfolio to rapidly assess opportunities to improve performance.

The Portfolio Diagnostic Engine (PDE) report is an invaluable tool for monitoring, communicating and helping you correct performance. Get segmented views into 25 months worth of data from your credit and co-brand portfolios.

The PDE charts your portfolio performance across 100 of the most important metrics including:

  • Standard and customized segmentation
  • Acquisition and early months on book
  • Account metrics
  • Spend and transactions
  • Activation and reactivation
  • Attrition and inactivity
  • Merchant category
  • Recurring payments
  • Acceleration of spend

Most importantly, this diagnostic engine can run without any time investment or input from you - it draws from portfolio data already available to MasterCard.

The PDE report, which includes an Executive Summary, is delivered to you electronically. Immediately you can review and analyze findings, and implement strategies to improve portfolio performance in highly targeted ways.

Find out how the Portfolio Diagnostic Engine saves time and streamlines performance analysis.

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