Portfolio Analytics

Turn Your Transaction Data into
Powerful Business Intelligence

Portfolio Analytics

Maximize your profitability with up-to-the-minute data from across your entire payments business portfolio. See how it stacks up against the credit card industry in all the countries and regions where you operate.

MasterCard Advisors Portfolio Analytics will:

  • Convert 36 months of your data across your complete portfolio into coherent business intelligence
  • Provide benchmarks against countries and regions
  • Enable high level views or drill-down analysis
  • Assist with cross-border analysis
  • Enhance your internal data sources and reporting capabilities
  • Give you convenient, secure access to data right from your desktop

Get the 360° view from hundreds of highly specialized reports unique to your business.

Our Portfolio Analytics reporting package includes:

MasterCard Information Package (InfoPack)

Provides baseline intelligence and high-level views into overall business health including authorizations, chargebacks and fraud


Addresses specific operations metrics and business performance to help you manage chargebacks, reduce fraud liability and optimize authorization strategies


Applies metrics to evaluate and manage your marketing efforts and identify potential markets for expansion or promotion

Enhanced Value Platform (EVP) TargetPack

Details transaction counts and amounts, average ticket sizes, interchange fees, effective rates and more

PayPass™ TargetPack

Monitors your transaction volume in merchant categories and at specific merchants

Remote Payment and Presentment Services (RPPS) TargetPack

Analyzes originator and concentrator volumes, trends and key performance indicators to help you identify trends that are driving your electronic payments business


We can tailor specialized reports or packages for you in areas such as sweepstakes, benchmarking or other unique requirements

Find out about regional availability and how Portfolio Analytics can work for your organization.

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