Payments Strategy

Increase Revenues and Decrease Costs with
Credit Card Payments Strategies

Payments Strategy

Whether your objective is to identify new opportunities for growth or to maximize profits from existing credit card payment operations, MasterCard Advisors are here to help.

With a deep understanding of the market forces and trends that are shaping the credit card payments industry, and the tools to help you leverage them, MasterCard Advisors can identify the profit drivers and performance improvements that will have the greatest impact on your business.

MasterCard Advisors can help you:

  • Meet your overall business goals with credit card payments strategies across all payment types: credit, debit, prepaid, ACH instruments, remittances, fund transfers and more
  • Realize increased revenues and decreased costs by analyzing your profit levers and identifying opportunities
  • Understand customer behavior with Custom Analytics and connect with specific types of cardholders with the help of Purchase Clusters profiles
  • Understand and expand into new segments and global markets
  • Generate new streams of revenue through innovations in technology, such as contactless payments and mobile devices
  • Achieve your strategic goals by gauging investments and returns, specifying resource requirements, and developing actionable implementation plans

Find out how our Payments Strategies can help you discover the hidden potential of your credit card business.

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Client Viewpoint

"The credit cards business for DBS was predominantly in Singapore and Hong Kong, and we wanted to expand the business across Asia. We engaged MasterCard Advisors to help us gain a stronger understanding of the Asian markets outside these two countries. With their access to data, plus people on the ground in every country, MasterCard Advisors identified the most profitable opportunities for DBS and gave us the tools we needed to move our cards business into new markets."

Raymond Ang
Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Bank

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