Merchant Identifier

Dramatically Reduce Costs From DNR Disputes

Merchant Identifier

Do Not Recognize (DNR) merchant dispute cases can result in significant costs for credit card issuers every year. Unrecognizable merchant identification descriptions on cardholder statements result in dispute calls to your call center, tying up valuable resources. It is now possible to noticeably reduce these costs with a powerful new tool from MasterCard Advisors called Merchant Identification.

Gain a Cost Advantage Through Better Customer Servicing

Merchant Indentification is a user-friendly online tool that:

  • Facilitates quick and effective call resolution by providing recognizable merchant descriptors and location information
  • Is easy to implement and flexible enough to adapt to your call center configuration. Customer Service Representatives only require access to the Internet
  • Can be used to address unrecognizable transactions from both MasterCard and Visa transactions
  • Can deliver significant savings from reduced write-offs, fewer customer service calls and a more efficient process
  • Backed by our robust Merchant Aggregation Services database, which cleans and aggregates data from over 24 million POS locations

Learn how Merchant Identifier can help you gain a dramatic cost advantage.

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