Merchant Aggregation Services

Reduce Costs And Save Time With
Clean, Accurate Merchant Data

Merchant Aggregation Services

Inconsistent merchant ID data with transaction information can hinder analysis efforts and tie up valuable resources in the call center due to dispute calls.

Our Merchant Aggregation Services cleanses this data to provide a clean, clear picture to help you:

  • Acquire an understanding of activity across merchants
  • Drive profitable marketing and product strategies.

Merchant Aggregation works by:

  • Assigning clean merchant name and address information to issuer's transaction data
  • Cleansing data using more than 40,000 business rules and text-mining capabilities
  • Aligning merchant brands with more than 100 key categories
  • Enabling aggregation by merchant or category

The Merchant Aggregation database can also be used by your call center to provide recognizable merchant identification and location information to help facilitate quick and effective call resolution.

Find out how Merchant Aggregation Services can provide clean data for clear analysis.

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