MasterCard Audiences

Specify MasterCard Audiences
For Your Online Buys

More precise online marketing based on aggregate purchase behavior applied to third-party consumer populations

  • How can I reach prospects more precisely?

  • How do I find audiences who are ready to buy?

  • How can I turn ad spend into greater return?
How can you be sure the online audiences you purchase will deliver a hard-dollar return? With MasterCard Audiences. Unlike any other online audiences available, MasterCard's are based on aggregate consumer spending behavior within each category, derived from billions of transactions.

A proprietary MasterCard methodology delivers audiences with higher statistical probability to make purchases within the category. You will reach more of the likeliest purchasers, with less waste in your online spend. The reasons to choose MasterCard audiences for your online buys include:

  • Insight drawn from actual transactions - superior to survey, derived or implied data
  • Timely, relevant data based on current spending patterns
  • Audience profiles informed by activity on more than 1.7 billion payment cards and 23 billion U.S. transactions annually
  • Custom audiences available for specific product and service niches

MasterCard audiences are available through major data exchanges and through online ad networks. When you make an online buy, specify that you wish to purchase MasterCard Audiences.


Custom audiences are also available for special-purpose product and service niches.

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MasterCard Smart Audiences Available:

Top Tier Spender: Audiences based on high levels of historic spend

In the Market: Audiences based on the likelihood of individuals spending in a specific category within a specific time period.


Fine Dining
General Restaurants / Non-Quick Serve
Quick Serve Restaurants


Department Stores
Discount Department Store
Home Furnishing and Accessories
Gift Stores
Office Supplies
Home Improvement
Sports Apparel + Equipment
Children's Apparel
Family Apparel
Men's Apparel
Women's Apparel
Consumer Electronics,
Appliances & Accessories
Computer & Software Sales
Camera & Photography
Luxury Retailers
Mega Stores

Grocery & Drug Store

Grocery Stores
Drug Stores


Upscale Hotels, Resorts
Hotel / Motel

Financial Services

Credit Cards
Wealth Management


Automotive - New & Pre Owned Vehicle Sales
Automotive Retail & Accessories


Professional Sports
Concert Tickets & General Box Office
Theme Parks
Luxury Entertainment

Telco / Cable

Cellular / Wireless Devices
Cable TV + Internet


Domestic Air Travel
International Air Travel
Cruise Travel
Luzury Travel


Valentine's Day Shopper
Mother's Day Shopper
Father's Day Shopper
Last Minute Christmas Shopper
Black Friday / Cyber Monday Shopper


Discretionary Spend Index


Resorts & Casinos
Delivery Services
Dating Services

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