Intelligence To Improve Risk Decisions
At The Speed Of Consumer Behavior

MasterCard Information Services for Risk helps lenders better run their businesses with actionable and valuable information-driven insights based on real behavioral and spending data.

  • More accurately assess consumers' financial capability based on real-time data
  • Enhance predictive power of credit and fraud risk scores and triggers
  • Improve real-time risk decisions and operational processes
  • Develop new marketing product offerings
  • Add new dimension to risk management to increase competitive intelligence and insight



MasterCard Information Services for Risk offers a modular set of products and analytic solutions that can be customized for individual businesses. Our real data is produced and analyzed with the highest degree of speed and accuracy.

It is this current data that provides lenders with actionable tools to more accurately assess a consumer's financial capability or risk.

  • Credit Sandbox — testing models and predicted outcomes in a secure remote access environment
  • Predetermined Attributes — productized data attributes based on extensive historical data, triggers, and models
  • Local Scoring Engine — scoring and modeling for fraud protection enables issuer to house code locally
  • Custom Models, Triggers & Analytics — propensity models, income estimation, marketing models and geographic trends
  • Fraud Solutions and Direct-to-Consumer Products — real-time transaction data and modeling applied to increase fraud detection, handling, and protection


  • Predictive improvements in lending decisions
  • Increase revenue, reduce loss, and mitigate risk
  • More accurate and effective marketing
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased competitive advantage in credit risk and fraud

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