Intelligence to improve
Advertising decisions at
The speed of consumer behavior

MasterCard Information Services for Media helps advertisers, advertising intermediaries, and media properties better run their businesses with actionable and valuable information-driven insights based on real behavioral and spending data.

  • Understand and measure consumer behavior for improved media targeting and planning
  • Root decisions in real-time information based on actual purchase behavior
  • Integrate on-line and off-line insights
  • Create, analyze, and model highly detailed consumer segments to optimize advertising and offers
  • Forecast spending behavior



MasterCard Information Services for Media offers a modular set of products and analytic solutions that can be customized for individual businesses. Our real data is produced and analyzed with the highest degree of speed and accuracy.

We help our clients get to the "heart of the consumer" by providing actionable intelligence and the ability to understand, target, and measure results against consumer targets.

  • UnderstandCustom Analytics provide unmatched insights into consumer behavior
  • Target — Offer targeting at a geographic or individual levels
  • Media Measurement — Measure the impact of media campaigns on online and offline sales



  • Grow brands profitably
  • Increase total sales with more effective spend
  • Maximize ROI of every advertising dollar
  • Identify new markets and revenue streams

Advertising Intermediaries

  • Grow client revenue
  • Improve advertising effectiveness
  • Drive value through the entire purchase funnel
  • Enable measurable business impact

Media Properties

  • Increase revenue generated by audience participation
  • Expand advertising effectiveness
  • Maximize circulation revenue, improve ratings, and increase ad revenue
  • Demonstrate measurable ROI

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