Intelligence To Improve Buy/Sell Decisions
At The Speed Of Consumer Behavior

MasterCard Information Services for Investors helps traders, analysts, researchers, and government agencies better run their organizations with actionable and valuable information-driven insights based on real behavioral and spending data.

  • Offer access to real-time transaction-based trading and economic insights globally
  • Are customizable to meet the needs of how equity, energy, real estate, and other investors make decisions
  • Deliver aggregated and accurate information and analytics with very little lag time



MasterCard Information Services for Investors offers a modular set of products and analytic solutions that can be customized for individual businesses. Our real data is produced and analyzed with the highest degree of speed and accuracy.

  • SpendingPulse Industry Reports - the most up-to-date, accurate leading indicator of industry sales
  • SpendingPulse Gasoline Report – the industry’s best weekly measure of actual gasoline purchased


  • Measurable improvements in buy/sell decisions
  • Increased revenue generation
  • Accurate demand predictions

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