Sarah Quinlan

Sarah Quinlan

Group Head, Market Insights

Telephone: 914-249-2069


Sarah Quinlan is the Senior Vice President and Group Head of Market Insights for MasterCard Advisors, the analytics and insights consulting unit of MasterCard. Since joining MasterCard in January 2013, Sarah has advised executives in a range of industries, including retail, banking, capital markets, and government agencies, providing macro-to-micro economic trends related to consumer spending and retail sales. She and her team analyze and predict spending patterns, based on the billions of anonymous purchases MasterCard processes every year, to create solutions that help clients make better business decisions.

Sarah is widely recognized as an expert in her field and appears regularly in the media including CNBC, the Associated Press, Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV, the Times of London, The Daily Telegraph, and Women's Wear Daily (WWD). She is also a frequent speaker at prominent industry conferences such as the Financo CEO Forum, Milken Institute summit, WWD CEO Summit and 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

Prior to joining MasterCard Advisors, Sarah was the Founder and CIO of Katen Capital, a global macro hedge fund manager. Previously, she was the Chief Investment Officer and Head of Alternatives for Saad Financial Services, S.A. Before her role with Saad, Sarah was a portfolio manager at UBS, and at Lloyds TSB focusing on alternative investments. She was co-founder and portfolio manager of TwentyFirst Century Advisors, a small and mid-cap long/short hedge fund which was ranked in the Top 10 of Mar Hedge. She was also the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ClienTec, a thin client computer company which was sold in 2000. She began her career at Salomon Brothers Inc. in mortgage sales and trading. Sarah received her BA and MBA from the University of Chicago in Politics, Economics, Rhetoric and Law with Special Honors and in Finance and Accounting, respectively.

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