Michael McNamara

Michael McNamara

Senior Business Leader, Advanced Analytics

Telephone: 914-249-5736

Email: Michael_McNamara@mastercard.com

Mike McNamara leads MasterCard SpendingPulse, a retail sales data service offered by MasterCard Advisors which leverages MasterCard's vast data resources to provide Issuers with information to help quantify consumer spending opportunities, identify where and when spending occurs throughout the course of the year. The Capital Markets and Merchant marketplaces also benefit from SpendingPulse research.

Mike and SpendingPulse data are frequently quoted in the media by outlets including: Reuters, Dow Jones, Associated Press, CNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC News. During the 2009 holiday season Mike and SpendingPulse information were quoted in thousands of print publications and broadcast outlets.

Prior to joining MasterCard, Mike was a managing analyst with Datamonitor Plc, a leading global market research organization headquartered in London. While at Datamonitor, he managed the North American region of the financial service technology division. Before joining Datamonitor, Mike was a small cap equity analyst with Royce Ebright & Associates, a member of the Royce family of mutual funds.

Mike holds a BA in Economics from Fairfield University and an MBA from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College.

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