Offering The Pre-Eminent Voice In Payments

MasterCard Advisors integrates leading subject-matter experts with proven problem solvers, data analysts, and marketers across industries.

Comprised of more than 600 employees in more than 20 countries around the world, offering skills gained from experience in a variety of industry-leading companies, our experts distill the knowledge, experience, and insights from decades of real-world engagements into: 

  • Economic trends intended to provoke conversations about long-term impacts on business
  • Global consumer behavior data that drives insights addressing critical business issues and enhances business decision-making
  • Regional insights that leverage our global footprint to identify best practices around the globe
  • Best practices and benchmarks helping businesses establish performance goals and objectives, while determining where they stand relative to peers

Learn more about our experts and their range of expertise.


Kevin Stanton

President, MasterCard Advisors

Dimitrios Dosis

Group Executive, Consulting Services

Lynn Feinson

Group Executive, Managed Services

Gary Kearns

Group Executive, Information Services

Rohit Chauhan

Group Executive, Advanced Analytics

Margaret Shine

Group Head, Managed Services, Segment Solutions

Margot B. Vaughan

Group Head, Global Customized Marketing

United States

Michael Angus

Group Head, Knowledge Center

Guy Berg

Senior Managing Consultant

Christine Brundage

Principal, Fraud Management Global Knowledge Center Lead

Kevin Cusack

Vice President, Global Merchant Information Services

Mark Rennie Davis

Principal, U.S. Chip and Point of Interaction

Misha Ghosh

Global Solutions Leader, Retail Commercial Real Estate

Susan Grossman

Group Head, Media Solutions

Amit Jain

Principal, Global Payments Strategy Knowledge Center

Jason Korosec

Group Head, Payments Lead

Mark Matiszik

Senior V.P, Merchant Solutions, Consulting Services

Michael McNamara

Senior Business Leader, Advanced Analytics

Phillip M. Miller

Principal, Acquiring Knowledge Center

Michael Minelli

Head of M&A and Global Strategic Partnerships

David Rich

Vice President, Sales and Business Development

Sarah Quinlan

Group Head, Market Insights

Peter Shortall

Principal, Consulting Services


Luke Pollard

Senior Business Leader, Managed Services

Jeff Stroud

Senior Managing Consultant

Hugh Thomas

Senior Managing Consultant


Fabrizio Burlando

Group Head, Consulting Services Region Lead

Nicholas Fisher

Global Group Head, Business Performance Group

LAC Region

Carlos Pittier

Principal, Debit and Prepaid Knowledge Center

Martin Schmidt

Region Lead, Consulting Services

APMEA Region

Pierre Burret

Group Head, Delivery, Quality & Resource Management

Dr. Joerg Ruehle

Senior Principal, Consulting Services

Eric F. Schneider

Group Head, Asia Pacific Region
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