Existing Customer Management Programs

Build and Sustain Loyal Cardholder Behavior

Existing Customer Management Programs

Loyal customers spend more on their credit card, retain balances, purchase additional bank products, and recommend your products and programs to their peers. Good business sense tells you that it's important to keep customers engaged and satisfied, especially with the cost of acquiring new cardholders rising every year.

Managed Services’ Existing Customer Management (ECM) Programs can assist you with customized programs that address eroding or stagnant portfolios and help motivate cardholder spending and keep your existing customers loyal. Drawing on our industry knowledge and advanced analytics, we will help you:

  • Shape new customer behavior to help build profitability
  • Boost loyalty through improved customer satisfaction
  • Manage balance attrition, risk and revenue
  • Build profitable, interest-bearing balances
  • Expand usage
  • Engage customers with rewards and benefits
  • Improve activation and reactivation rates
  • Increase unblock rates
  • Shift balances from other payment products
  • Maximize portfolio profitability and ROI

If you are looking for a standardized solution, such as recurring payments, our Turnkey Managed Services offers template programs available to meet specific usage needs on a regular schedule.

When the right program is delivered to the right customer, activation, spend, retention rates, loyalty depends and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities increase.

Learn more about how Existing Customer Management Programs build sustained, profitable cardholder relationships that capture the full potential of your portfolio.

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