Custom Merchant Solutions

Drive Customer Acquisition, Loyalty And Spend
With A Custom, Targeted Direct Mail Program

Custom Merchant Solutions

Custom-tailored marketing programs backed by actual behavioral data are powerful tools to target new customer opportunities and increase profitability.

Employing advanced modeling techniques and our issuer network, MasterCard Advisors executes an end-to-end mail solution that is created specifically for your business.

How It Works

  • MasterCard Advisors identifies the best opportunities for your business, using behavioral propensity modeling
  • MasterCard Advisors engages and enlists card issuers in a joint-promotion marketing campaign with your company
  • Marketing campaigns are developed and executed based on likelihood of cardholder to demonstrate certain behaviors (e.g. spend at a specific merchant or in a specific category)
  • Compelling offers are developed for your business
  • MasterCard Advisors manages and executes the campaign leveraging economies of scale

Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

Custom Merchant Solutions campaigns are aligned to the unique characteristics of your portfolio to reduce costs and improve profitability by:

  • Marketing to consumers who meet your criteria and have the greatest propensity to respond to your offer
  • Optionally suppressing marketing to your existing customer lists to maximize new customer acquisition
  • Reaching new prospects, re-engaging "lapsed" customers, and increasing loyalty of existing customers while minimizing cannibalization
  • Developing custom creative that incorporates the issuer's logo to reinforce the value of the issuer's brand while retaining your company's look and feel

Learn more about how our Custom Merchant Solutions drive customer acquisition, loyalty and spend, and boost your profitability.

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