Custom Analytics

Meet Your Revenue and Growth Objectives With
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Custom Analytics

Sometimes the most important questions are the ones that available data can't answer. What you know about your customers gets fuzzier as they get farther from your own stores or outlets. And even strong knowledge of their in-store behavior only tells part of the customer story.

MasterCard Advisors can answer the "what," "why," "when," and "where" of customer behavior to deliver analyses you can use to:

Improve Your Local Intelligence

  • Identify trade areas for all your locations and understand the profile of customer segments within each
  • Quantify the impact of store remodeling, new formats or local marketing activity on the relative sales performance of individual locations compared with the competition
  • Leverage granular local insights to enhance site selection modeling and new store forecasting

Quantifiable, Actionable Answers to Questions About Your Customers

MasterCard Advisors look not just at your customers' spending behavior, but also at their attitudes and preferences, captured by the largest proprietary survey of its kind.

We can segment by loyalty, lifestyle, attitudes and demographics, and then filter by geography and time. This approach enables an integrated suite of solutions that remove uncertainty and provide insights to improve your bottom line.

Each Custom Analytics engagement is customized to the way you do business, ensuring that the questions you ask—even the ones you didn't know you could ask—are answered in precisely the way you need.

Drive Financial Impact

  • Quantify the potential value of increased share of wallet among specific customer segments
  • Focus investment on driving increased share of wallet among specific behavioral segments
  • Forecast loyalty migration patterns within whichever time frame is most appropriate for your business
  • Analyze the cost of attrition to help determine appropriate levels of retention marketing investment

Measure Marketing Performance

  • Measure the success of retention marketing efforts by monitoring attrition rates
  • Use rich customer segment profiles to improve targeting and messaging of acquisition and retention marketing
  • Improve the differentiation of your value proposition by understanding what makes your best customers different from those of your competitors
  • Plan marketing and partnerships to influence consumer behavior immediately before or after the time when they are most likely to be purchasing in your merchant category

Learn how Custom Analytics can answer your most important questions about your customers.

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