Conversions & Upgrades Programs

Seamlessly Migrate and Merge Card Portfolios to
Increase Cardholder Loyalty

Conversions & Upgrades Programs

In order to keep customers engaged, satisfied and loyal, it’s important that they have card products that are right for them. Conversion enables you to migrate and merge card portfolios so customers are moved to products that are more suitable to their lifestyle and behaviors.

MasterCard Advisors can help you take advantage of the bottom-line performance opportunities that a portfolio conversion offers, as well as maximize the strategic benefits that result from upgrading and repositioning portfolios.

We can help you:

  • Convert your portfolio to support brand changes, upgrades or graduation strategies
  • Migrate customers to the most appropriate products
  • Reactivate dormant accounts
  • Minimize risk, disruption and attrition
  • Boost your activation rates, purchase rates and average balances

From pre-conversion strategy to post-conversion evaluation, plus employee training and incentive programs, we will help you develop meaningful, experience-based programs that enhance portfolio profitability and customer engagement.

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Nine strategic imperatives for successful conversion planning and implementation

  • Clearly articulated goals and objectives
  • Relevant and appealing product and offer
  • Multi-channel approach to customize communications and offer by segment from pre notification through EMOB treatment
  • Timely migration training of all employees who handle customer interactions
  • Analytic resources to monitor pre and post conversion behavior and triggers to quantify migration impact
  • In-depth knowledge of customer behavior to inform segmentation and go-to product strategy
  • Effective communications to inform customers about new product and their customer journey
  • Sufficient budget to treat high-value customers
  • Dedicated project manager and conversion team successfully plan and implement conversion across all functional areas

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