Commerce Innovation Center

Tackle The Top Issues Facing Your Credit Card Business With Payments Industry Experts

Commerce Innovation Center

Shorter product life cycles. Ever-changing technology. Shifting global economies. Finding innovative approaches to these and other business challenges is rarely obvious and never easy. The good news is you don’t have to tackle these critical business-shifting issues alone. The MasterCard Advisors Commerce Innovation Center (CIC) is here to help.

The CIC brings together your decision-makers and our thought-leaders to deal with the top issues facing your business. Our payments experts jump-start the innovation process by offering highly developed points of view on your specific issues and challenges including:

  • Determining value propositions that are relevant to your customers
  • Translating trends into workable initiatives
  • Accelerate revenues through new, profitable opportunities

Get a solid, workable game plan in less than 30 days.

Each CIC consists of three modules designed to build a workable strategic vision:

Analysis and Opportunity Identification (1 – 3 weeks)

In advance of the first session, we use our proprietary knowledge management process to develop an informed, in-depth perspective that frames the CIC subject.

Immersion Sessions (2-3 days)

Professional facilitators move participants through a highly structured process that accelerates ideation, prioritization, and decision-making around a specific goal, so results can be achieved in days, rather than months.

Implementation Planning (1 day)

In the final phase, the group solidifies ideas and formulates a strategic game plan to help you achieve change within your organization.

Customized to Your Unique Needs

Each client requires a unique approach to innovation depending on where they are in the development process. To accommodate different needs, we offer three distinct focal points:

Discovery, Design and Implementation Focus

  • To uncover your critical issues and help you define innovation objectives.
  • To help you develop concrete ideas that can deliver against innovation objectives.
  • To build the blueprint for innovation delivery.

The Commerce Innovation Center goes beyond brainstorming to create a carefully orchestrated process that brings possibilities to the surface, promotes high-level thought, and sets the stage for decisive action.

Learn how the Commerce Innovation Center can accelerate your innovation process and turn your major business issues into actionable ideas.

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