Campaign Management

Maximize The Revenue Potential Of Your Marketing Campaigns — In Real Time

Campaign Management

As you work to maximize revenues from your marketing campaigns, you need tools that work with you so you can plan effectively, target precisely, budget resourcefully, monitor efficiently, and analyze in real time.

Campaign Management, a web-based interactive application, enables you to launch, monitor and improve marketing initiatives with robust features that deliver real advantages.

With Campaign Management, you can:

  • Increase marketing productivity by automating cardholder selection and segmentation, and by building portfolios and marketing cells in real time
  • Improve campaign results by using prior transaction behavior, card-specific metrics, and user-defined fields to target those cardholders most likely to respond
  • Track and report on cardholder behavior before, during and after a campaign to analyze a promotion's effectiveness and modify accordingly for future campaigns

And because the software runs right on your Web-enabled desktop, there are minimal technical integration worries. You can start building portfolios and segmenting customers right away.

Campaign Management runs from the PortfolioAnalytics™ platform, which delivers up-to-the-minute data from across your entire payments business portfolio. For more information on Campaign Management, download our fact sheet.

Learn how Campaign Management can make your marketing campaigns work harder for you and deliver ROI lift.

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