Benchmarking & Reporting

The Competitive Intelligence
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Benchmarking & Reporting

Want to know how you're performing against industry/category competition? Which markets are growing or shrinking in your industry? Where you're gaining or losing market share? If customers spend more with you or with your competitors?

Benchmarking & Reporting from MasterCard Advisors delivers timely, accurate answers to these and other questions right to your desktop. You'll get the business intelligence you need for effective marketing, merchandising and retail operation management—and business growth.

The Right Decisions For Improved Performance

Benchmarking & Reporting provides unique views into spending behaviors—by industry, geography, customer segment, channel, and time period. Analytics allow you to identify and address potential opportunities and vulnerabilities to your business. And competitive insights help you map new avenues to cutting costs and increasing revenues.

Buying and Merchandising

  • Compare merchandising strategies within and between geographies
  • Improve merchandise distribution to reduce losses and maximize revenue
  • Analyze performance of seasonal merchandise geographically


  • Discover what customer behaviors and market dynamics may be driving changes in market share or revenue
  • Develop insight into wallet and loyalty behaviors of both customers and prospects
  • Measure and manage customer segment performance, both internally and against the same segments among your competitive set
  • Gauge the effectiveness of advertising/marketing communications, based on both absolute and relative performance
  • Design and manage A/B "test vs. control" communications by geography
  • Convert customers from brick-and-mortar to online shoppers


  • Assess store performance relative to your competitive set
  • Identify geographic areas likely to support new store openings, promote growth of existing stores, or challenge the viability of existing stores

Learn how Benchmarking & Reporting can enhance your competitive performance and help grow your business.

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