Advanced Buyer Segments

Improve Your Marketing ROI Through A
Deeper Understanding Of Your Cardholders

Advanced Buyer Segments

You need to maximize usage and loyalty, discover untapped value, improve wallet rank and maintain strong relationships with your best current cardholders.

To do that, you need to gain a deeper understanding of them – their lifestyles and their priorities, so you can precisely conceive, offer and deliver the services and products they want and need.

Advanced Buyer Segments are a robust tool for identifying cardholder segments within a portfolio. By analyzing your selected cardholders' behavior, MasterCard Advisors can categorize them into any of several dozen statistically-derived Advanced Buyer Segments that incorporate survey-based attitudinal and demographic information.

The results? Actionable identification of your cardholders that allows you to craft messaging that speaks directly to them. As you’re connecting with your customers, you’re maximizing the return on your marketing investment.

Purchase Cluster analysis is available for U.S. Credit, UK Credit, U.S. Signature Debit, and U.S. Small Business portfolios.

Find out how Advanced Buyer Segments can improve your marketing ROI.

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