About Us

Expertise, Intelligence, and
Performance to Drive Business

Mastercard Advisors, the professional services arm of Mastercard, provides real-time transaction data and proprietary analysis, data-driven consulting, and marketing services solutions to help clients optimize, streamline, and grow their businesses.

Our three divisions provide distinctive approaches that combined, offer comprehensive solutions for measurable improvements:

Our Team of Experts

Our team is comprised of more than 600 employees in more than 20 countries around the world, offering skills gained from experience in a variety of industry-leading companies.

Subject Matter Expertise

With decades of expertise, Mastercard Advisors integrates the foremost experts on the Payments industry with the problem-solving skills of proven general consultants and data analysts.

Executional Capabilities

Established best practices coupled with data-driven segmentation and targeting, enable us to build, conduct, and manage highly successful partnership marketing campaigns

Global footprint

A global client base and a heritage of success enable us to apply learned best practices, share knowledge, and leverage proven methodologies worldwide. Additionally, our global network enables us to see and understand consumer behavior around the world.

Data-driven solutions

With more than 43 billion transactions from 1.9 billion cardholders in 210 countries worldwide from which to cull, our actionable recommendations are based on real-time data and analytics

Shared Risk

Our clients' success is our success and our engagements often reflect that philosophy

Client Testimonials

Want to hear from our clients that have worked with us? Explore these client testimonials to understand our capabilities and how our solutions will enhance your business.

Find Your Solution

With solutions tailored for individual clients, as well as turn-key offerings, MasterCard Advisors provides valuable insights, data-driven solutions, and actionable campaigns:

Insights for Financial Institutions+

Applying transaction data to drive critical business decisions

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Insights for Issuers+

Intelligence to optimize portfolio value for issuers, acquirers and processors

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Insights for Local Banks and Credit Unions +

Intelligence to optimize portfolio value for issuers, acquirers and processors

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Insight for Advertisers+

Intelligence for advertisers, intermediaries and media properties

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Insight for Merchants+

Decisions informed by a 360-degree view of customer spend

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