The new reality of the European Union's IFR

Change is a constant in the European Union's payments business. As the region deals with economic challenges, from the Greek crisis to recessionary threats, financial services institutions also must adapt to change in the wake of the new Interchange Fee Regulations (IFR).

Along with the proposed 'Payment Services Directive' (PSD2), the IFR has changed the landscape for both issuers and acquirers. MasterCard Advisors has created this Special Edition Compendium to provide effective thought leadership as the European Union grapples with this change.

Our research is strong, fact-based and actionable. It shows potential ways forward for all players in the European Economic Area. Indeed, we find that issuers and acquirers share a common notion of opportunity.

We have created three separate pieces that can be downloaded individually or as a complete PDF file.

The Special Edition Compendium features:

MasterCard Advisors is focused on producing data-based insights that will drive results. This Special Edition Compendium delivers on that commitment.

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